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The XPLL Token



Use XPLL to pay for transaction fees on ParallelChain



Stake XPLL to run a validator node or delegate to earn block rewards



Help govern the network and vote on proposals that shape the future of ParallelChain

The ParallelChain Ecosystem

A Public + Private Blockchain Ecosystem with Real World Scalability and Accountability

Lightning Fast

ParallelChain is a high performance blockchain with scalability built-in by design, leveraging optimistic rollups to bring users fast transaction times and lower fees.

Lightning Fast

Mainnet and Testnet


ParallelChain Mainnet is the actual, production network of the public blockchain. It is constantly extended with new features and functionality.

To ensure that new features have what it takes to survive decentralized deployment, they must first be battle-tested.
This is where ParallelChain Testnet comes into play – by allowing developers, or simply users, to develop and run smart contracts on ParallelChain and experiment the blockchain, at no cost.

The current testnet iteration delivers on Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus, the cornerstone of security in ParallelChain's proof-of-stake network. Besides this, Testnet 3 delivers big leaps in the contract SDK and developer experience, as well as a web Wallet.
Both Mainnet and Testnet are accessible through the  Explorer.

What’s happening on testnet?

BFT consensus

Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus is the magic (read: science) that enables blockchain networks, composed of many pseudonymous, geographically distributed, and mutually distrustful parties to form highly robust and secure networks. With Testnet 3, Mainnet finally has the solid underpinnings of a consensus implementation in the form of hotstuff-rs (source code to be open sourced). This library implements HotStuff, a breakthrough consensus algorithm with many desirable properties. Read the PODC'19 paper for more details...

Contract SDK

pchain-sdk has received a major overhaul that not only enables developers to enable ParallelChain F smart contracts to do more, with less lines of code. Totally new is pchain-sdk::collections, a set of data collection types (e.g. Maps) that are optimized for gas efficiency while exposing a familiar interface.

Developer Experience

Having a powerful contract language and SDK is one thing, writing and debugging them is another. In Testnets and 1 and 2, getting smart contracts to run have been kind of a pain. Developers had to deploy their contracts up to Testnet, call their Methods, and then inspect their Events. This process, especially when done iteratively, takes up a long time, and burns a lot of gas, so with Testnet 3, we bring pchain-simulate, an offline Transaction executor and analyzer. With simulate, developers can keep all development local, from repository creation to contract deployment.

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