An exclusive glimpse into your blockchained future

No catches. No tricks. You be the judge.

Experience the full force of ParallelChain® on your local machine.

The world of blockchain is no stranger to tall claims and broken promises. When we say that we are here to fulfil blockchain's business-commercial promise, we want to prove to you that we mean it.

The ParallelChain® Demo is a 1-hour live demo of the world's fastest, most scalable and most private blockchain network, all performed on your local machine. This means you are in complete control of your surroundings and demo environment.

If you are interested in giving ParallelChain® a spin, complete the form at the bottom of this page. After we confirm your registration, we will be in touch with you to discuss scheduling and answer all of your questions.

Self-compilable source code

No catches, no tricks

40,000 threads

Each concurrently making transactions. See how ParallelChain® handles enterprise-level workloads.

>100,000 TPS

The world's fastest private blockchain system

All persisted transactions queryable

No compromises on data integrity

How it works

Register for the ParallelChain® Demo

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page. In it, feel free to include any questions you have about the demo or ParallelChain® itself.

Book a time slot

Once your application is approved, you will receive a form where you get to choose a demo timeslot most convenient for you. The demo will run for about an hour. If you would like more hands-on time with ParallelChain®, you can make a special request.

We send you the sample codes

We'd like to be as transparent as possible as to what the demo does, so we'll send over the program to you as a Golang package. You can then compile this package on your local machine, and even customize the demo yourself. Included with the codes is a brief user guide.

Put ParallelChain® through its paces

This demo is designed to simulate a real-life, heavy-duty workload, the kind that would bring any other blockchain solution to its knees. 40,000 threads each making concurrent transactions to the blockchain - you'll see that ParallelChain® handles this superbly.

Register for the Demo

Take your first step into the future of blockchain

For the ParallelChain® Demo to work, your local machine needs to be provisioned a server to connect to.

Please complete the registration form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you very soon.

We reserve the right to publish the demo results and information of the participant.


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